Two Eyes Open Kindle Edition

by S.T. Himmonds (Author), Amanda Crum (Author), L.S. Engler (Author), Boyd Reynolds (Author), Kev Harrison  (Author), S.D. Hintz  (Author), Tom Johnstone (Author), Billy Lyons (Author), Leslie Muzingo  (Author), Chantal Boudreau  (Author) Two Eyes Open is a horror collection of sixteen stories featuring mostly psychological horror , only a few have supernatural elements. Here the people are secretly bad or becoming so getting revenge on others. Most of them I did like , but their short … Continue reading Two Eyes Open Kindle Edition

9Tales Told in the Dark 22 (9Tales Dark)

by Sara Green (Author), Daniel J. Kirk  (Author), Mark Bearden (Author), D.A. D'Amico  (Author), Paul Lubaczewski  (Author), Kev Harrison  (Author), Mandi Jourdan  (Author), Simon McHardy  (Author), Shawn P. Madison (Author) This had nine stories of horror , featuring the usual things you'd expect , vampires , zombies , and other dark things. I'll cover my three favorites. The rest were okay , but a few were either too short , or I felt … Continue reading 9Tales Told in the Dark 22 (9Tales Dark)