Resonator: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond

by Christine Morgan (Author), Scott Nicolay (Author), Edward Morris (Author), Anya Martin  (Author), Leeman Kessler (Author), H P Lovecraft (Author), Cody Goodfellow (Author), Matthew M. Bartlett  (Author), Scott R Jones  (Editor) This horror collection takes the device in the Lovecraft story From Beyond and looks at what the implications of that technology would be if it survived beyond that story... From seeing the resonator be used as airport scanners, military weapons, health scams, … Continue reading Resonator: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond

The Call of Lovecraft

by H.P. Lovecraft (Author), William Meikle  (Author), John F.D. Taff  (Author), Jaqueline Seewald (Author), Ramsey Campbell (Author), Scott Goudsward (Author), R.E. Dent (Author), Gregory L. Norris (Author), Karen Dent (Author), Gregory L. Norris (Editor) Full of the usual Lovecraft tropes, and imaginative and fun. Of course you must also take the bad as well, repetitive set ups and abrupt endings. Cold Print was well chosen as the first story. It's just so well written and … Continue reading The Call of Lovecraft