Shallow Waters Vol.3: A Flash Fiction Anthology

by Richard Thomas  (Author), Mark Allan Gunnells (Author), Jonathan Winn  (Author), Monique Snyman  (Author), Lee Murray (Author), Jennifer Loring (Author), Dan Rabarts (Author), Joshua Hair (Author), Dani Brown  (Author), Theresa Derwin (Author), Madeline Mora-Summonte  (Author), Jo-Anne Russell (Author), Rob Smales (Author), Red Lagoe (Author), Megan Hart (Author), Dale Elster  (Author), Pete Mesling  (Author), Stephen Crowley (Author), Mark Cassell  (Author), Patrick McDonough (Author), Tim Meyer  (Author), Jay Faulkner (Author), Roberta Codemo (Author), Joe Mynhardt (Editor) This is my first Shallow Waters volume and with these stories all being picked by votes this seems to have gotten around the usual hit and miss I typically … Continue reading Shallow Waters Vol.3: A Flash Fiction Anthology


by T. D. Trask  (Author), Dale Elster  (Author) A great collection of thirteen horror stories .. Every story was well written and described , and every plot hit the mark. Doesn't suffer from too many repeating themes, save perhaps for tree related monsters and/or violence and the Devil , but I suppose you get an evil version of him … Continue reading Deadsville