I’m Zraitor, formerly reviewing under the name Edward Z. (I mean, that’s still my first name; I’m just not going by it on here anymore!) My focus is mainly on streaming these days, but I often miss when I was reading and writing more, so I’ve decided to give the blog/website another go. I also just really like that there is a zraitor.com and that I own it.


This place will serve mainly as a review blog for horror fiction, but I’m open to doing other things once I figure out what those things are! It’s also just kind of refreshing when I do these reviews to post spoilers and use whatever damn language I want.


Reviews – Spoilers – Reviews where I attempt to recreate the story in my own brief words and give my full opinion on everything. This lets me slow down and take a good look at every story in a collection which I really enjoy.

Reviews – No Spoilers – The normal, no spoilers reviews I cross-post on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub if I can. I’m slowly adding my backlog so it will take a while to get to the new ones.

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