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The Burrowers

Directed by J.T. Petty


After a family is abducted by “Indians,” a group of people goes after them… a really effective horror story.

It’s well shot and acted, with the only weakness being the CGI with the creatures at the end.

Completely brutal and doesn’t hold back in language, violence, or the unfortunate way people were treated then. The commander especially is a horrible person who really makes you hate him. The lead characters are all likable in their own ways, they have lots of personality, and it shows during their journey and clashing of opinions.

The creatures themselves are well done, outside of the CGI, as I said earlier. The lore about them was interesting enough, and they prove to be scary due to the way they take their victims… I hope no one watching is afraid of being buried alive…

A great horror western that kept my interest all the way through. I would recommend it to any horror fan; this isn’t a film you like just cause you like horror. This is just a great film.

***** Five out of Five Stars (Great)

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