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The Chronicles of Augustus Seton

by William Meikle

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With a cursed, bloodthirsty flaming sword, a warrior roams around Scotland battling all sorts of myths and legends. The character of Seton is good, and the action is great.

This is a collection of short stories, but they are in order and build off the previous ones making it sort of a novella. Most of them are well done but eventually, Seton becomes a sort of a private eye, and it really clashes with the themes the book starts. Those parts also have characters that seem too modern.

Seton and his friend sell their souls and get ten years to “enjoy” their bargains. Realizing time is up for his friend, he races to him to save him, battling a cold version of the Grim Reaper. This is the first story, and it’s the most well-written and done of the book, and it sucked me in right away.

I really couldn’t get enough of the swords and sorcery, themes of redemption, and just the wonderful fight scenes. I just wish the private eye parts didn’t drag it down.

Those stories have been mostly recycled into the Derek Adams stories and are better there as the themes fully fit the character, so if you liked this, be sure to check them out.

Really fun and action-packed with loads of gore as usual, per the author. I’m sure it’s a long shot, but I’d love to see a conclusion to Seton’s tale.

**** Four out of Five Stars (Good)

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