The Creeping Kelp

by William Meikle

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Like usual with creature features, you’re just here for the monster. A shoggoth mixed with seaweed terrorizes the coast. That should be pretty lame, but the action scenes are fun and full of gore.

It starts with some commentary on environmentalism, but that is quickly dropped as people begin getting eaten, which is fair enough, I suppose. The characters aren’t really well developed, just your standard action movie kind that are just there to drive the plot forward.

The author has two other short stories mixed in throughout he did, and it greatly expands on the idea. Unfortunately, however, he also does that thing where the characters stop reading the journals and then pick them up again and gain new knowledge that, of course, is suddenly relevant. I hate that.

Your usual fun, action-packed monster movie in book form that this author loves to do. Great to read if you’re in the mood; otherwise, you’ll pick it apart.

**** Four out of Five Stars (Good)

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