The Hillbilly Moonshine Massacre

by Jonathan Raab

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It switches between drama, horror, and comedy and is grounded by good and interesting characters.

Kotto is a lot of fun, and he is also a bit too much at times. His training session with Richards was my favorite part of the book.

With Richards, you get mostly commentary on soldiers coming home and finding a place again. Not hard to figure out he is primarily a stand-in for the author, and his inner thoughts bring most of the book’s serious moments.

This book is seriously over the top and throws every crazy thing at you and just tells you to deal with it. This leads to one issue I had, though… After the huge crazy drug trip part, the story just sort of lingers and takes forever to finish. It felt like to me the author was just trying to make it longer to hit novel length.

I still enjoyed it and the large amount of crazy on display. I would recommend it to all people, pod or otherwise.

**** Four out of Five Stars (Good)

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