Operation Norway (S-Squad #7)

by William Meikle

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We see much more character stuff going on here, for Banks at least. With the death of other squad members weighing him down, he and the Squad go off to Norway for another mission that, of course, is going to go wrong…

The other squad members are still much the same, with the new ones feeling like they are just there, and I kept forgetting about them. You’ll see the usual banter and things from all of them.

The action and gore are there as usual and don’t let up much, but when it does, there were great descriptions of scenery and inner thoughts from Banks.

The creature is fun and though somewhat explained, still remains mysterious enough by the end, which I appreciate; a good merging of SciFi and legends. It was nice they had a little difficulty fighting it and didn’t just mow it down. I liked the moral dilemma, too, even if it forced Banks to make stupid choices to make the plot work.

Another great entry in the series, I’m eager to see what awaits in Operation Mongolia. (Death worms!?)

***** Five out of Five Stars (Great)

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