Operation Syria (S-Squad #6)

by William Meikle

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I could tell the difference between this and the last one right from the beginning, the characters were being fun again, and the action comes quickly.

The squad gets three new members joining the surviving three, and I was glad to see that I was worried adding new people was being ignored. Of course, Wiggins gets a promotion, meaning he gets more money per every Sarge’s wife joke and action movie reference. (It wouldn’t be a proper review from me if I didn’t rag on him.)

The spiders… Oh, man. A proper scary creature at any size. The author used every part of them well. Fangs dripping venom, hairy bodies, many eyes shining in the darkness, the sharp ends of feet making noises hitting surfaces of things… Argh. Well done, but argh…

The action in this one just never lets up, and the Squad members and new supporting character’s personalities shine through again. It’s not bogged down by occult things that it’s not prepared to go all-in on, and while still not having deep characters, they are once again funny without being annoying and very personable.

Even the location is awesome. It makes for a perfect siege situation, and I always enjoy those. Then you have the fun alternative history stuff, mostly Roman this time. I was really worried about this one after the last book, but I just can’t say enough nice things about it.

S-Squad works best, in my opinion, when it goes at a blistering pace and keeps the focus on the action and squad member’s personalities and not about over-explaining the creatures or magic/occult elements. For the non-stop action and awesomely done creature, this one gets the full stars.

***** Five out of Five Stars (Great)

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