Operation: Loch Ness (S-Squad #5)

by William Meikle

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I had some issues with this one … The beginning is way too slow, and nothing really happens. Instead, they wander around, hunting for the creature, poking at piles of crap, and doing the terrible sex joke banter. Slowing things down would be great for the series if it were for getting to know the characters better. And there wasn’t much description of the landscape either. I figured the author would go nuts with the setting but not really…

After more than halfway through, they are finally on the water after the creature, and it becomes fun. It eventually falters again, though, due to bad pacing. There are great action scenes in this, though! Just have to wade through lots of what felt like filler to me.

More occult stuff goes on here only to annoy me a bit again, though. It doesn’t mix well with the soldiers and guns as well as I would like, in my opinion. I think it’s just because no matter how creepy and weird it gets, the Squad never has to really do the rituals and stuff back, just blast everything to bits with heavy weaponry. Yelling a few incantations hardly does it for me.

The same four squad members are back, Banks, Hynd, McCally, and Wiggins. Unfortunately, they weren’t very interesting this time around; they are running out of action movie one-liners to drop and the Captain taking up smoking simply isn’t character development. They are joined by an old man seeking the creature as well, Alexander Seton, who was a good character and did what he could to make up for the others.

I did like this overall. It was simply just not as well-paced and action-packed as the others. The few big action scenes that did happen and Seton saved the book for me in the end.

*** Three out of Five Stars (Average)

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