Operation: Amazon (S-Squad #4)

by William Meikle

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The S-Squad takes on giant snakes in the Amazon. Lots more action and fun, and I sound like a broken record…

Anyways, there aren’t any new recruits to the Squad this time, but it makes it easier to remember their names. Banks, Hynd, McCally, and of course, the one-liner dropping Wiggins. He’s thankfully getting more likable as it goes on and making me wish he gets eaten less and less.

This outing ditches the sci-fi elements and goes full-on Indiana Jones with temples, curses, hidden gold, and snake gods. As usual, the plot is always moving fast and doesn’t linger on much.

If I could have one nitpick, it’s that the creature here, Giant Freaking Snakes, aren’t much of a threat to the Squad. They seemed to be at a bigger threat of going deaf firing at them then getting bit. That’s not to say the action scenes aren’t great; they are, especially the last fight in the book. Maybe the Squad is just that good at this now.

Book four brings the fun and action and adds even more adventure, and I greatly enjoyed it.

***** Five out of Five Stars (Great)

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