by William Meikle

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I mean, just look at that cover, a giant crab eating someone… That’s exactly what you get here, don’t read it for anything else.

The two main characters aren’t very deep. Shona, an expert in crabs, I guess, is just kind of there. She does nothing but follow the soldiers around, who have names and shoot things, and that’s about it, but not once does her knowledge come in handy. Her only background is she has a father who is also an expert. We learn he knew about the crabs years before the invasion and was forced into retirement for talking “crazy,” and honestly, the little we get on him makes him more of a character than Shona ever becomes. It is a shame we couldn’t have swapped the characters out for each other.

The second, Porter, is, well, a mean drunk. He gets roped into the story by trying to sell a giant crab he finds to a zoo. He sort of goes through a well; I wouldn’t call it a redemption arc, more of a less of a jerk arc.

The whole thing works cause William Meikle is such a good writer, and he goes full into whatever he’s doing, even if it is giant crabs attacking New York City.

There are problems with the kindle version. There are no chapters and paragraphs when changing characters, so I was confused often and had to keep going back when I realized I was with another character that really needs to be fixed.

So again, this is a book about giant man-eating crabs. It is stupid and fun in equal measure. Clackety-Clack, Snickety-snick.

*** Three out of Five Stars (Average)

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