The Last Lovecraft: The Relic of Cthulhu

Directed by Henry Saine


It feels like I shouldn’t have liked it, but I did. The humor is, well, stupid, but it made me laugh. The movie is just fun despite its flaws.

The special effects are what they are for the tiny budget. My only problem was the main villain, Starspawn. He just looks so dumb, has an awful voice, and is just generally annoying. He turns into a giant octopus later on and somehow manages to become LESS threatening…

The three leads just have great chemistry, and their jokes are vulgar and actually seemed refreshing because of how non-PC they were. Wearing stupid costumes and hitting each other with foam sticks… Fine, it made me laugh, whatever…

The film has an animation of Cthulhu coming to earth, and it’s just amazing. The Lovecraft stuff, in general, is done well, which I was not expecting, considering the movie is a horror-comedy. I suppose there was no real sense of cosmic dread and lots of it was just tentacle/fish monster violence, but even “real” movies on this subject have trouble moving beyond that, so I can be lenient on a comedy.

It’s funny, and the Lovecraft themes are handled as well as can be expected. The characters are likable.. worth a watch. Bring on the sequel and the Mountains of Madness…

*** Four out of Five Stars (Good)

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