The Monster Project

Directed by Victor Mathieu


It starts off so great. All the characters are interesting and fun if a bit over the top. But, of course, you have to ignore the first-person camera stuff and how silly it is to find excuses to always have a camera on.

The setup with getting all the monsters to the house is fun, and the interview portion was well done as well. Then the inevitable attack comes, and the movie just turns to crap. The lighting is absolutely terrible, and the shaky cam is the worst that I’ve ever seen. I don’t understand the point of either. The special effects are actually pretty great. Why hide them!?

All the characters just start yelling and acting like morons, and the once creepy and cool monsters just become nothing more than cliches to fight and run from. They try to throw in more character backstory during this portion, and it just gets in the way cause who cares now… And the ending just ruins the entire film…

Maybe you’ll be more forgiving than I, and I honestly liked the first half. But the second half and ending destroyed the film for me…

*** Two out of Five Stars (Bad)

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