Devil’s Rock

Directed by Paul Campion


Every picture and info put out about this makes this movie look like it’s garbage. Thankfully, it’s just poor marketing, and it’s actually amazing. I mean, SAW with swastikas? Even if that were true, and it’s not, that wouldn’t even be a compliment! Whoever made this promo stuff should have taken a page out of the demon in the movie’s playbook and charmed us better.

What you do have, however, is a well-acted movie with great low-budget special effects. The setting in the film is a creepy corpse-filled bunker, german soldiers who seemingly have taken their own lives. It does well in making us feel claustrophobic and otherwise unsettled.

The actors do such a great job playing off each other and making this story work. Everything they do is reasonable and explained, never doing the usual horror movie thing where people act dumb to make the plot work.

I could see objectively why someone wouldn’t like it, little budget, few characters, not super original, but it all just worked for me. Usually, I’d have a nitpick or two, but I’m coming up blank. I just really enjoyed this one.

*** Five out of Five Stars (Great)

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