Miao Dao

by Joyce Carol Oates

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A girl coming of age finds refuge from ALL EVIL MEN with feral cats, but when she loses the one she brings into her home, she becomes darker and darker.

There is some serious men-hating in this one. I told myself it was just the main character’s point of view at first, but that got harder and harder to believe as it continued. All the characters besides Mia are just there to be there, have no real personality, and only do things to advance what little plot there is.

But mostly, it was just dull. Every time it got remotely interesting, it’d just drag out the point and beat it to death. Boys like boobs… men are evil… got it; move on to some story already… So by the time it got to the obvious end, I wasn’t scared or saddened or anything other than relieved it was finally over.

* One out of Five Stars (Terrible)

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