There’s a Giant Trapdoor Spider Under Your Bed

by Edgar Cantero

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A sleepover grows “deadly” as the children imagine crazier and crazier things.
It starts out strong with the dialogue between the two boys at the start, and there is a bit of suspense about the spider being real or not, but when the girls come into the room, the story gets out of control and becomes hard to follow. I stopped bothering to try and make sense of things and just powered on to finish the story.

The Harry Potter references were just awful for me, as someone who isn’t into that. A few would be fine, but just over and over… ugh. One line made me cringe and groan out loud… “Ian shrugged Ianly.” Come on…

I still have no idea what happened, if any of it was real, or their imagination, and I just didn’t like it enough to ponder anymore about it.

* One out of Five Stars (Terrible)

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