The Sleep Tight Motel

by Lisa Unger

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On the run from both the police and an abusive lover, a woman checks into a motel where things aren’t quite right.

The writing is excellent in this one. Eve’s thoughts on her situation, her bad relationship, and the mystery around her are all interesting and thought out.

Everything’s described well; the motel and its surrounding are fleshed out and feel real. Its emptiness, animal wood carvings, and the fog about give it that creepy horror setting. Oh, and of course, a woman’s voice screaming in the night…

There are two stories here, with her hiding out in the motel and what happened before she arrived there. The pace quickens in the end with the jumping back and forth between stories and gives a bit of welcome suspense with not her knowing what is real and the truth being revealed to her.

If you’ve read/watched enough horror, you’ll know what’s going on immediately, but it’s unlikely you’ll care cause it’s done so well.

***** Five out of Five Stars (Great)

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