Terror in 16-bits

by Jonathan Raab, Matthew M. Bartlett, William Tea, Sean M. Thompson, Alex Smith, Brian O’Connell, Richard Wolley, Jack Burgos, Amber Fallon, Julie K. Godard, Orrin Grey, J.R. Hamantaschen, Amberle L. Husbands, Thomas C. Mavroudis, Adrean Messmer

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A, B, A, C, A, B, B

Most of these stories hit you hard and fast with the gore, which goes great with the gaming theme. There are a lot of authors here, so you should find something to like. While any collection is usually a “mixed bag,” I found them all to be good, if not great.

Up, Down, Left, Right, A + Start:

This collection has fifteen stories, so we’d be here all day if I talked about them all and in detail but to do a few quick,

Centralia – Creepy location makes the story, and anyone who plays a mobile game isn’t a real gamer and has it coming (kidding!)

Dr. Coagulant’s Splatter Lab – Fun, action-heavy story. Chain-Saw is awesome. If you played Splatterhouse, you know this captures it well.

I’m A Good Person, I Mean Well, and I Deserve Better-Sure you have your gore, character insights, and imaginative video game monsters come to life, but mostly you’ll laugh at the bathroom bits.

Reset – This one gets a mention for some of the most wonderfully described gore/violence I’ve read. A really dark and well-done story.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A

So, if you’re a gamer or horror fan, this will be an excellent time for you. Lots of variety, exciting scenarios, and a cool cover.

**** Four out of Five Stars (Good)

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