The Doom That Came to Dunwich: Weird mysteries of the Cthulhu Mythos

by Richard A. Lupoff

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In the Secret of the Sahara, scientists and military from several countries investigate part of the seafloor that has suddenly parted. I’m sure you know what is down there, but it is still great fun. Luckily for them, one awesome cat happens to be part of the ship that takes them to the opening. Directly quoting here, “But this was no gentle pussy. My Lady Bast had been transformed into a warrior-goddess, and she was not so quick to resume her domestic mien.”

The Turret is about Parker Lorentzen, sent to Old Severnford to see about the problems of a system there. His boss says if a problem can’t be fixed by him, it can’t be fixed… Strange dream visits to a turret that resemble a glowing face, weird townsfolk, …uncomfortable distant cousin kissing… Pretty imaginative story.

Unfortunately, it drags in the middle with The Devil’s Hop Yard and the Documents In The Case of Elizabeth Akeley. I had to stop and start three or four times to get through each of these, they were slow, and I found them confusing. They were not completely terrible, however.

The following story Brackish Waters is almost the same, but I found it won me over in the end due to the transformation being so pleasantly described by the character, despite how awful one would think it would be.

The writing is excellent throughout, even in the stories that didn’t click with me, and in addition to these, you get a look at Dunwich after the events of 1928, a couple caught in a storm, a “giant spider” lurking about, cults, a Sherlock Holmes story, and a story set in the future, where Yuggoth has been found and is near .. Worth the read.

**** Four out of Five Stars (Good)

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