Genres HorrorScience Fiction

Director Kiah Roache-Turner

Starring Ben O’TooleMonica BellucciCaroline Ford

After a lot of exposition and two large information dumps, we learn the main character is a “Nekromancer” born to battle demons who enter our world through animal sacrifices.

At least originally those demons do. Nowadays they have invaded the internet somehow and can use that to possess people because we like our cheap social commentary on technology as if people didn’t always ignore each other and like to consume meaningless things in their empty lives.

These Nekromancers have one of their own corrupted and that person launches a plan to devour more souls and begins exterminating the others of their kind. Using an app that you find ghosts on not unlike Pokemon Go, people go around trapping ghosts with a double-press on their smartphone screens and opening themselves up for possession.

Howard North, our main character, who starts the movie getting human waste poured on him at his sanitation job which is never a sign of good things to come, has his smartphone obsessed co-worker try the app and double-press on him which unlocks his purposely hidden away Nekromancer powers. The others of his kind then drag him into the battle.

Now I don’t like comparing every horror comedy to the Evil Dead but it is very apt in this situation as the horror side of this movie seems very much like an attempt to capture that. With the gadgets the characters use to capture and fight the demons there is an awesome science fiction like element to this which does work and looks very cool. The whole horror and technology fused aesthetic was the best part of the movie for me. Even if the main character looks like a low rent version of Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man at times…

It is also very action-oriented and moves at a quick pace. After the huge amount of info-dumping on the viewer is gotten through we never really slow down again afterward and it is just one gore-soaked scene after another.

A bit difficult to rate and recommend this one. On one hand, I loved the action and gore and look of the movie, and it is always fun. On the other, it is also very poorly plotted and has a lot of stupid scenes. I’m thinking mostly of one of the worst and most embarrassing hacking scenes I’ve ever come across. The comic relief character was annoying as well and didn’t really need to be there and was clearly just the token minority character, although I hate to say that. The actor himself was pretty likable. It is also incredibly derivative of so many other things from beginning to end. Worth a watch? Probably not unless you are just in the mood for this type of thing at the moment.

3 out of 5 stars

Nekrotronic on Shudder

Looking at it now after watching the movie… Holy crap is there a lot of spoilers on this poster!

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