by Rebecca Crunden  (Author)

–>I received a free copy of this in exchange for an honest review.<–

Kitty is taken in for questioning by the Rebels on who is responsible for the plague and everyone prepares to take the fight to the Kingdom…

Where I felt book four was too slow this one, however, moves at an incredibly fast pace. We see the characters deal with all their various trauma and manage to repair most of the relationship woes that have always been a huge thing in these books. It was nice to see them all finally just chill a bit.

And of course action, lots of action! It’s a war, sort of. Realizing they can’t take the fight to the Kingdom directly the Rebels do all sorts of underhanded things to win which unfortunately includes some icky stuff with Thom. It does resolve his major issue of being used in that way though at least.

There are also a few more twists and turns left yet waiting for the reader even this late in the game. Every book in this series always still manages yet more backstory and world building and it was great again one last time.

This time we take turns with each of the three main character’s perspectives, although Nate doesn’t get nearly as much as the other two which I felt was a shame as he is finally likable. From needing to say darling every other sentence, to fighting with everyone for no reason, and just generally being annoying he makes a complete turnaround at the end at least…

As this is the final book in the series most of the story outside the fighting is about bringing the main character’s issues to a close and it does so in a satisfying way. They still have their many mental scars but they all have grown and changed so much since the beginning and it was rewarding to see them all move on finally.

Kitty, Thom, and Nate and all the still-living side characters gather to take down the Kingdom once and for all. Can they, and what will they do with their freedom if they manage to win it?

5 out of 5 stars

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