Genres Horror

Director Carson D. Mell

Starring Dan BakkedahlBeck DeRobertisDax Flame

A family has an encounter with two ghosts in their vacation home one night. They call in a ghost person to take a look, who looks nothing like you’d expect. He tells them the ghosts are harmless and they should leave it be. Not happy with this, the father, Dan, calls in a second opinion, an eccentric “ghost assassin” named Os who says the ghosts are evil and must be destroyed…

His ideas to get rid of the ghosts are stupid and it is clear from his behavior he is unhinged or something. But he and Dan get along so well Dan just goes along with him on everything and they strike up some sort of odd friendship, staying up all night and telling each other personal things. Eventually, however, Dan has enough and realizes he must rid his vacation home of Os as well as the ghosts…

Oh man, this movie. It was horrible at the beginning and I was thirty minutes in and wondered to myself how I was gonna make it to the end. It is listed as a comedy, but it is not funny. Os acts absurdly all the time, but it is always played completely straight. At one point Dan walks into him standing in the living room completely naked because he wanted to “feel the energy on his bare skin.”

When we get to the halfway mark this turns from unfunny dark comedy into some sort of messed up character study and I really got into it then, which surprised the hell out of me. The two leads have incredible chemistry with each other and them just hanging out and talking is enjoyable. Once the silly ghost story is pushed to the background and the disturbing psychological aspects come fully out this movie won me over after the frustrating and boring start.

Not really comedy or horror, it doesn’t really fit into any genre unless you stretch the meaning of them and allow it. However, it is so well-acted and while absurd it just somehow works. I can see all the reasons someone wouldn’t like this but it all just clicked for me. (Eventually.) This one is gonna linger in my mind a bit for sure.

4 out of 5 stars

Another Evil on Shudder

Even this horrible poster suggests that this is a goofy comedy. It’s not!

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If anyone has seen this or sees this after I’d love to hear some other opinions. It really did end up a good movie I thought at the end after a terrible beginning and has a lot of all over the place mixed reviews.

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