Genres Horror

Director Mick GarrisJoe DanteDavid SladeRyuhei KitamuraAlejandro Brugues

Starring Mickey RourkeRichard ChamberlainAdam Godley

A horror anthology that before each story shows a stranger being drawn to a movie theatre and sitting down and then on the screen, a horror movie where they are the main character begins to play.

In the wrap-around story, we see a person called The Projectionist randomly taunt them and say lame lines like “Welcome to my nightmare!” and he delivers them with zero menace. He’s played by Mickey Rourke and he is introduced after the second story which is about plastic surgery gone wrong which just had to be on purpose! Anyways, when the movie is through the person then dies and I suppose we are to believe he takes their soul or something, it was not very well communicated.

The stories are almost good and they were just a step away from something great with this but they were all just too short and end abruptly. I could have ignored the terrible Projectionist character and Mickey Rourke’s bored and clearly just doing this for the money performance otherwise…

One sentence summary attempts of the stories and quick thoughts:

  1. A slasher with a creepy-crawly twist.
    -Fun and gory but not much to it other than the absurdity.
  1. Plastic surgery gone VERY wrong.
    -Incredibly uncomfortable and tense but opts for the stupid and obvious ending we all saw coming.
  2. Possession story that leads to a lot of dead kids.
    -The story and characters are terrible but it took the violence towards kids to a level I wasn’t expecting and while I probably shouldn’t admit I enjoyed that, well I did.
  3. A woman begins to perceive the world as more and more wrong.
    -No complaints here other than how short it was, this was great. The effects on how the world began to look were awesome.
  4. After a near-death experience, a teenager can see the dead around him.
    -A person nearly dies then can see the dead? Lame and overdone. They really phone it in with this last one.

For the horror junkie that is in the mood for an anthology, this can be enjoyable at times. Just prepare to roll your eyes at The Projectionist and his stupid film roll collection.

Nightmare Cinema on Shudder

3 out of 5 stars

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4 thoughts on “Nightmare Cinema

    1. Yeah Shudder put a good discount on the yearly subscription on Halloween so I’ve been trying to watch/review more movies then usual.

      He’s a pretty cool dude but this is hardly his best showing though…

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