by Barbie Wilde (Author)

We follow Klara, a woman who is going to get an experimental procedure done on her missing left eye. The procedure is a success however the doctor sexually assaults her while she was under anesthesia.

As she goes back and forth about what to do she notices a tiny golden creature running around in her vision where the left eye would be, and this creature begins to communicate to her on how to get revenge…

Before all this, we get a good set up on how she loses her eye, and how difficult the other kids treat her because of it and that effect on her mental well being and life. But most of this story is about the doctor’s office and what happens after, and it is a rather short story so I should leave it at that.

Just know if you are in the mood for a gory and fun horror short EYE think you’ll be happy with this one.

(Sorry not sorry.)

5 out of 5 stars

Blog only comments

The eyes have it!

I retina this’ll go on for a while

Got something in your eye!?

Don’t turn a blind eye to this story!

Because it is to eye for!

Eye puns aren’t really puns. They’re optical illusions.

………Okay I think it is out of my system now.

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