Genres ComedyHorrorScience Fiction

Director Larry Cohen

Starring Michael MoriartyPaul SorvinoDanny Aiello

Oh The Stuff, where does one even begin with you? At the beginning of course but that shows a man seeing bubbling goop coming out of the ground and deciding to eat it, then getting everyone else to eat it as well because it is so darn tasty. What?

That tasty goop then is marketed and sold as the Stuff (Enough is never enough) and sent out all over and is a huge hit. Delicious, addicting, and fat-free, people can never get enough and it damages the sales of the ice cream industry. There is the tiny problem of it being alive somehow, and it controls the minds of the people who eat it…

We meet our main character, Mo Rutherford, an industrial saboteur, (Why do they call him Mo? Because when it comes to money, he always wants Mo!) in a really silly scene where he walks into a meeting on a yacht with the biggest bunch of crusty old white men I think I’ve ever seen and pretty much just charms and fast-talks his way into the job of stealing the secrets of The Stuff so these people can make their own. He also punches a guy in the face because he is just cool like that. I seriously loved this character and the actor, he makes the whole movie just fun to watch.

As he then embarks on his investigation he uncovers a conspiracy and meets all sorts of over the top characters (Chocolate Chip Charlie) and goes through a lot of increasingly absurd and over the top encounters and it is just wonderful and hilarious. It wasn’t as gory as I was expecting, and the action scenes are silly, but it was all just so goofy it worked.

This is more satire than horror, and I suppose one can talk about the social commentary of corporate greed and consumerism and all that. I’ll leave that to the smarter and better educated. All I see is a film that has a giant sentient goop of ice cream flowing around and attacking people, that also enters and controls people, before leaving them an empty shell, a character with deadly kung fu hands, a scene where a kid runs around a grocery store knocking things around, and lots of explosions… Just completely awesome and fun.

And despite it all, I’m still hungry for some ice cream.

5 out of 5 stars

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Enough is never enough! Err I mean that definitely made up for the other day’s movie, thanks R.!

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