Genres Horror

Director Jonathan Straiton

Starring Trey HarrisonBrinke StevensWayne W. Johnson

Right… so a janitor working at a place with a morgue has sex with a woman’s corpse who was tagged for some strange disease. He turns into a disgusting horny zombie that runs around raping people and turns more people into the same type of zombie as him.

Yikes. This is what I get for picking my movies at random. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, I had to turn it off at about three-quarters of the way through because I had enough. I can watch some nonsense, but this one was way beyond me. Horrible.

It has some semblance of a plot. A group of teenagers going on a road trip to have sex, a typical horror movie set up. But there isn’t a likable person in the bunch and the movie just goes from one gross gag scene to another. A bloody tampon is left in a gas station toilet, only for the original zombie to pull it out and stick it in his mouth, and he also can somehow track her from this…

The stupidity doesn’t end with just the poorly done zombie stuff. The group of teens are all horrible and annoying people, and when one falls asleep in the car another pulls down his pants and squirts a bit of poo in his face while the others videotape it. Later on, it gets worse with some total garbage that I refuse to type out, it’s just truly awful and only made to shock you and it wears thin very quickly.

Necrophilia, rape, one gross gag scene after another, this movie has no redeeming quality whatsoever. No character is likable, or matters and everything is just there for shock value and nothing else. The special effects bringing this garbage to life are terrible and the zombies look horrible. The only thing this movie accomplished was making me feel embarrassed to be a horror fan.

1 out of 5 stars

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So being the fool I am, yesterday I thought because since I have been reading a lot of non-horror lately, I’ll watch a horror movie to review. I choose this piece of crap and I am very sorry I did! Putting my Shudder subscription to good use here…

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