by Alexander Pain  (Author)

After his adult children fail to come back from a supply run, eighty-year-old Vietnam vet Bill Hastings is forced to take his great-grandchildren out to look for food themselves, right into a zombie-infested world.

This short story handles the vulnerabilities of the children well and also the limitations of their great grandparent. He has all the skills, but his body just isn’t up to the task anymore. He also has to attempt to teach them how to survive in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, but they mostly don’t understand. I enjoyed his musings about the situation and his frustration with the children, this story had a bit of dark charm to it.

As he finally readies the children into his van and heads off to the grocery store, the story kicks into high gear with plenty of action. Does everything go well for the old man and his grandkids? Check it out yourself, it is a short read at twenty-two pages and very worth the time.

5 out of 5 stars

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