by P Mattern (Author), Tania Hagan  (Author), Lily Luchesi  (Author), Jay Michael Wright (Author), Ken Goldman  (Author), Sergio Palumbo  (Author), Emery LeeAnn  (Author), Crystal Barnard (Author), Nik Kerry (Author), Tony Eyenot (Author)

An extremely inconsistent horror collection with a hellish theme…

This one has just such insane highs – Face of An Angel, a husband and wife getaway on vacation while they slowly realize something is wrong with their daughter… The reader always knows, but the slow reveals are just so well done. It’s extremely well written and the characters are great.

And the lows – Depraved Collective, it starts out well enough, but the main character dies quickly and goes to hell, and then has a weird sex scene with a nine-foot-tall Satan and yeah I’m done with that. It’s just awkward and frustrating. It reads more like some erotic fantasy thing and I can’t imagine anyone picked up a horror collection wanting that… But to each their own, of course.

Most of the rest just wildly throw out ideas and don’t really hit the mark with writing that didn’t always work and just generally reading more like fanfiction of better horror stories, or weird fantasy stories that didn’t feel like actual horror. There’s one other one I really liked, Icarus Ascending, and a few other OK ones but it’s a big collection and I didn’t find most of it to be very good. I also found plenty of typos, grammar issues, and missing punctuation. Only my stupid stubbornness saw me through this one.

If you have Kindle Unlimited then maybe borrow it to check out Face Like An Angel and Icarus Ascending, both good stories deserving of being in a better collection. Otherwise, stay out of this hell.

2 out of 5 stars

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